Whether this is your first time on Bantr (at the web address or you’re a regular user, we’ve listed a few of our Club Rules for you here.

These rules are provided as a general overview to our services and prior to using Bantr you must have read and understood our Terms of Use in their entirety. If you have any questions about these rules or our Term of Use, please contact us.

We ask that you use good judgement and enjoy using Bantr.

Posting Comments & Usage

Bantr is all about giving fans a voice, through the posting of comments and ratings. We actively encourage free speech and defend your right to express your views and opinions even if they are unpopular or controversial. In return, we don’t allow obscene, bigoted, defamatory or sexually explicit language or images.

You are not allowed to post material or make comments about a person or an organisation that could be deemed as defamatory (libellous if written or slanderous if spoken). If you do, that person or organisation may take legal action against you. Bantr is not responsible for any content posted by users.

We are providing a community where we want you to feel safe in your usage. Therefore, any harassing, stalking or threatening comments will be deleted. We also reserve the right to permanently delete your account with Bantr and ban you from future registration.

You may not suggest, encourage, boast about, or discuss your participation in, any illegal activity. If you are not sure, use common sense and don’t post it as a comment.

If any of these rules are broken, we reserve the right to remove comments and suspend or terminate the accounts of anyone who creates such content. In serious cases, we reserve the right to inform and/or provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in any way we deem appropriate.

Copyrighted Material

You must have copyright ownership for all material that you create using Bantr or post to Bantr. Wherever you use someone else’s content you must first obtain their express written permission to do so. This relates to audio clips, graphics, images and slideshows uploaded to Bantr or generated on Bantr. If you are unsure of whether you have permission to use material of any type you must check before you upload it to Bantr.

Personal privacy of you & others

You should never give out any personal information about yourself or other users to other users of Bantr or anyone else other than Bantr staff and administrators, and must never ask for personal information about others.

In particular you must not post phone numbers, user names, addresses, email addresses, passwords, or any other private information about yourself or others.

Content and moderation

All content may be monitored by our staff and administrators. You take full responsibility and liability for content that you create under your username or uploaded to Bantr under your account, and use the information provided on this site, and comments at your own risk. We take no responsibility and accept no liability for content or opinions.

Bantr is a community-led site and if you hear or read any content that you feel violates the above Club Rules, please report this via the ‘report abuse’ link next to the content in question. When content is reported as inappropriate, we review it to determine whether it violates our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to remove any content.

If you do report abuse, only do so for violations of these Rules or our Terms of Use. Don’t report abuse just because you do not agree with something said by another user, after all, for the most part, it’s a free world.